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Hello, hellooo!

It’s a nice, sunny, wintry morning. Did that make sense? Nope. No, it didn’t. Just go with the flow ūüôā

November’s coming to an end and with that, so is fall. The last few¬†days of sunshine means we make the most of it by lazing around in the sun¬†and basically just spending some quality time with our friends.

The monthly test is starting tomorrow and that meant a much-needed destressing after a week load of cramming the subjects into our heads. Flyrobe gave us just the right opportunity to do it feeling our ‘fly-est’. Get it? Fly? Feel so fly?¬†Don’t hate me ūüôā

So who’s Flyrobe?

You see readers, Flyrobe is the first and largest online fashion rental service in India. After our introductory post,¬†they offered to supply outfits for one post.¬†With over 1000+ styles to choose from, they’re delivered to your doorsteps at your convenient time and are picked up from your doorstep 3 days later at your chosen time. Isn’t that brilliant? Go check them out on Flyrobe.

  1. A park/picnic date:

20161126_111116.jpgIMG_3556.JPG20161126_114644.jpgDSC_0573.JPGOutfit & Accessories: This gorgeous cherry blossom printed maxi¬†is just what you want if you’re headed for a stroll in the park. Effortlessly dressed up, all you need is a pair of dangly¬†earrings, an elegant wrist cuff and pretty¬†sandals or stilettos if you can handle them.

Hair: Let your tresses loose or braid them in a loose and carefree side braid. For a fun element, put on a floral tiara!

Makeup:¬†Go bold with red lips, but keep the rest of your makeup low-key. Neutral eye shadow with a hint of eyeliner and mascara is all you need to get the look. A¬†touch of highlighter on your cheekbones and you’re done.

   2. A movie date:


Outfit & Accessories: Movies = cozying up. Jumpsuits are perfect for this. Their jersey material makes them the most comfortable outfits ever. This carefree look is ideal since all you need to do is put this on, slip on some sneakers or stilettos, add some simple earrings and leave. To add some jazz, throw on a funky blazer or jacket.

Hair: A high ponytail, a chic side bun or left loose.

Makeup: A rosy pink shade on your lips and winged liner can take you places.

3. A brunch date:20161126_115113dsc_0656Outfit & Accessories:¬†An ideal brunch outfit is usually a dress. Something basic and breathable that doesn’t look like you put too much thought into it, it’s the perfect day time attire. Pair it with white heels for a popping contrast of black heels for a more neutral look.

Hair: A half-up hairstyle or a nice blow out can make you look chic.

Makeup: Matte bright lips with a touch of cheekbone highlight and full-rimmed bold eyeliner.

We’ve presented¬†3 ideal friend date ideas to you.

Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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Hey lovelies!!

As Rachel Zoe says, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

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