World AIDS Awareness Day

It’s World Aids Awareness today. Wear your red ribbon and show your solidarity with the HIV AIDS victims.

What is HIV?

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus damages the immune system, interfering with the body’s ability to fight infections. This virus is what causes AIDS. While most of the readers might find this post boring and wouldn’t read it, I urge you all to scroll and get through the entire article. It is important that every human knows what to look out for.

AIDS has created a stigma where a person contracting AIDS is equal to an untouchable. Such ideas are purely the results of lack of knowledge. In India alone, one million people die of HIV, every, single, year. That’s right. In a year, you can blame a million deaths on HIV. In a single minute, five people in the world die from this accursed virus. 35 million people are infected worldwide and it is most dominant in Africa.

How do people contract HIV?

Get over the assumption that hugging, kissing, tears and sweat transmit the virus. This is the biggest falsehood that the society is buying as the truth. Tens of thousands face social stress and humiliation because the society is ignorant. The only way a person can catch the virus is through sexual transmission.

It is also important to know that a mother can pass HIV to her baby through pregnancy, labor and nursing.

What are the symptoms of HIV AIDS?

Fever, sore throat and fatigue can show up a few weeks after the virus sets in. Once AIDS kicks in, we see weight loss, night sweats, constant fatigue and recurring infections. Pain in the abdomen and while swallowing are signs too. Once the immune system gets violated, vomiting and nausea will be persistent.

Is there a cure?

Sadly, there’s no apparent cure for it. But, anti-retroviral regimens (ARVs) can slow down the progress of the virus immensely.

The sad truth is, 1 in 5 people infected aren’t even aware of said infection. Posts like these are put up precisely for this reason. Get diagnosed before it’s too late. Better yet, take precautions before you face the consequences.

Precautions & Measures:

  • Make sure that no needles are reused.
  • Wear gloves if in contact with blood.
  • Always cover any cuts with bandages to avoid transfer of blood.
  • Disinfect blood-stained surfaces.
  • Use protection at all times. It might not prevent HIV completely, but it’s safer.

A little bit of information can prevent a lifetime of misery and torment. Take time to thank your stars for your good health today and help spread awareness about AIDS so no one has to face unfair social injustice.

– Aditi J Rao
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