Give Humanity a Chance

7.4 billion people inhabit Planet Earth. Seven point four billion humans of different nations, faiths, colors, races, genders and sexuality live their happy lives on this vast blob in space. But are they actually happy?

Human Rights Day is celebrated on the 10th of December every year. The first time we posted about a social topic, the topic gained 7 total views. The day we posted Glamorous Without the Guilt we hit our most viewed. Our very first post was a massive hit with 225 views within a day.

Why are people overlooking the crucial matters in life? Urban Roses was primarily a lifestyle blog. Our aim was to present our individual ideas, thought and opinions to you. Everyone’s satisfied when we write about food or clothes. Yet, the one time we mentioned AIDS, a virus that’s killing humans painstakingly slowly, we didn’t get a single like.

Wake up people. Around the world, heart wrenching and hope shattering incidents are taking place. In Syria, more than 4.5 million inhabitants have deserted their homelands since 2011. The civil war has burdened the UN with the refugees. The terrorist attacks on Paris in 2015 is another example. With Trump instigating hate in Americans, the situation is not improving. The past few years have had us witness a series of agendas that only seem to get worse with time.


The sad truth is, while these front page headliners make us shiver, the lesser known crises are, in fact, the bigger disappointments. As an advancing world, we’re supposed to be accepting of the changing environment. Over the last decade, several minor groups have been given social exclusivity with human rights to make life easier for them.


Giving you an everyday example, my sister is mentally challenged. I have been to her school and over the years, I have seen children and adults with autism, mental retardation, hearing disabilities, visual disabilities and various other challenges. Books and movies and the news has taught me that us ‘regular’ and ‘healthy’ humans despise such people. Children born different are cast off onto the streets. Physically handicapped humans are no different. They are treated like outcasts, like they don’t deserve to belong here. What have they done to deserve such treatments?


The LGBT community was once hated to a homicidal state. They are harassed on a daily basis by the heterosexual mass. Why is this? I understand that it has been ingrained in us that men fall in love with women and women fall in love with men. A change in the order of things has created such a turmoil. The Orlando nightclub shooting opens our eyes to the hatred towards the queer community.


Back in the days, any dark-skinned person was considered a lesser being. Hitler’s homicide had the world face the worst mass killing in the history of wars. It was not a war against Jews, it was a war against humans. Even now, fair-skinned people are seen shunning darker skinned people purely on the basis of their color. Where’s the logic in this?

Murders, killings, suicides, homicides, call it what you want. Social stigma has pressurized the minority groups and the differently opinionated people into ending lives. Constantly, autistic children are being bullied in schools. The trauma can make them lose themselves. In offices and workplaces, dark-skinned people often take longer to get promotions or raises in salaries. Sometimes, they don’t even get hired. The signs may be subtle, but it’s still there.

Human Rights Day calls on everyone to stand up for the rights of humans. Not a section of humans, but humans as a whole. Stand up against terrorism. Build a wall and block the hate. Show humans the love they deserve, the love WE deserve. Take small steps to do it, no big chivalry needed.

WHRD.jpgWe’ve given the atrocities a chance to dominate us. Give humanity a chance now.

Tell us how you feel about human justice. Do you think a change is required?


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