Depression: Let’s Talk

322 million people.

5% of the population.

In India alone, more than 58 million people, that is, 1 in 20 people.


This World Health Day, WHO has taken up Depression as the theme. Why is depression such a big deal that we need to talk about it? It’s a medical condition and it can be treated, no big deal, right?


Every year, 788,000 depressed people who haven’t been treated have taken their lives. Every 45 second, somebody dies due to depression. Depression has become the 10th biggest cause of death in India. Who’s responsible for this? Us. Every human on Earth who turns a blind eye to the sufferers are the reason the world is like this.

Anything can trigger depression. In fact, it’s very communicable. A depressed person can end up affecting those around him/her.

If you see anyone feeling low or having a very poor self-worth, give them the encouragement they need. Disturbed sleep and change in appetite along with fatigue, listlessness, short temper are a few of the symptoms. If they last for over 2 weeks, you need to get them professional help.

People with depression are often in denial. They won’t accept any external help. So, seek help for them, don’t wait for their consent. They will be mad at you, but it’s okay.

It is important to spread awareness about this because depression happens to be one of the the leading causes of human rights abuse in India. Affected people are locked up, tied to beds and kept isolated. This is because there is a lack of public knowledge on what to do.

Shock therapy used to be considered as a method to cure depression. Now, it has been banned for children and adults need to be administrated with anesthesia. Evidently, India is developing, but it is far from developed.

Urbanization is a root cause of depression. With the on set of new technology, people are drifting apart. There’s a lot of inactivity since city life doesn’t have a lot of physical exertion. Most employees have desk jobs and tax themselves mentally. The mental exertion and stress leads to depression.

Glued to our gadgets, we don’t communicate with our friends a lot. Everything is virtual. We lose touch with emotions and there’s a lack of empathy now. We forget how to show how we feel anymore. We hide behind the screens of our computers and mobile phones.

Depression is very common among students. Parents, teachers and even students themselves, don’t seem to realize how skewed our system is. Parental pressure into acing every exam, teachers dumping pointless homework and unrelated assignments onto students and students being influenced by peer pressure to become “cool”.

Start working on making the world a happier place, depression will fade away soon enough.


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