See Them Through My Hand

There is no right way of interpreting art. Paintings and sculptures have and will always continue to speak differently to each individual. Sahana Mahesh, our blog’s artist can mesmerize you with the strokes of her brush.

With an affinity to water and acrylic colors, each canvas looks like it’s straight out of some dreamland. Scroll through and drop in your reviews in the comments please. 🙂

  1. dsc_0642
  2. dsc_0640
  3. dsc_0639
  4. dsc_0634
  5. dsc_0629
  6. dsc_0627
  7. dsc_0626
  8. dsc_0625
  9. dsc_0624
  10. dsc_0619
  11. dsc_0647-2
  12. dsc_0644-2
  13. dsc_0631-2
  14. dsc_0646

The paintings are for sale!!! If anybody is interested in buying them, feel free to contact Sahana on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat for the prices! Details below:

Instagram: ihateyoubut_i_still

Snapchat: sahanamahesh

Facebook: Sahana Mahesh

Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments!