Depression: Let’s Talk

322 million people.

5% of the population.

In India alone, more than 58 million people, that is, 1 in 20 people.


This World Health Day, WHO has taken up Depression as the theme. Why is depression such a big deal that we need to talk about it? It’s a medical condition and it can be treated, no big deal, right?


Every year, 788,000 depressed people who haven’t been treated have taken their lives. Every 45 second, somebody dies due to depression. Depression has become the 10th biggest cause of death in India. Who’s responsible for this? Us. Every human on Earth who turns a blind eye to the sufferers are the reason the world is like this.

Anything can trigger depression. In fact, it’s very communicable. A depressed person can end up affecting those around him/her.

If you see anyone feeling low or having a very poor self-worth, give them the encouragement they need. Disturbed sleep and change in appetite along with fatigue, listlessness, short temper are a few of the symptoms. If they last for over 2 weeks, you need to get them professional help.

People with depression are often in denial. They won’t accept any external help. So, seek help for them, don’t wait for their consent. They will be mad at you, but it’s okay.

It is important to spread awareness about this because depression happens to be one of the the leading causes of human rights abuse in India. Affected people are locked up, tied to beds and kept isolated. This is because there is a lack of public knowledge on what to do.

Shock therapy used to be considered as a method to cure depression. Now, it has been banned for children and adults need to be administrated with anesthesia. Evidently, India is developing, but it is far from developed.

Urbanization is a root cause of depression. With the on set of new technology, people are drifting apart. There’s a lot of inactivity since city life doesn’t have a lot of physical exertion. Most employees have desk jobs and tax themselves mentally. The mental exertion and stress leads to depression.

Glued to our gadgets, we don’t communicate with our friends a lot. Everything is virtual. We lose touch with emotions and there’s a lack of empathy now. We forget how to show how we feel anymore. We hide behind the screens of our computers and mobile phones.

Depression is very common among students. Parents, teachers and even students themselves, don’t seem to realize how skewed our system is. Parental pressure into acing every exam, teachers dumping pointless homework and unrelated assignments onto students and students being influenced by peer pressure to become “cool”.

Start working on making the world a happier place, depression will fade away soon enough.


Everything You Need To Know This Holi

What’s the most obvious thing that comes to your mind when we say Holi? COLORS! Duh!

Well, it might be the festival of colors, but in the fun and frenzy of the color fights, we tend to oversee the minor detail of looking after ourselves. Follow our tips and you’ll do fine ^_^

  • If you’re prone to skin allergies, check with a dermatologist first.
  • Go for organic colors. They’re easy on your skin and you wont have an allergic reaction to them.
  • Grandma’s tips of oiling your hair and body is a foolproof, tried and tested method of ensuring that the colors wash away after the gala. If you don’t want anything that drastic, just applying a thick lotion and you’ll do well. Don’t forget the ears.
  • Lip balms on those pucker-uppers please.
  • Braid your hair or put it in a bun. You can also use a scarf or bandana.
  • TAKE OFF YOUR CONTACT LENSES! (This is coming from personal experience. Please.)
  • Stay away from all facials treatments until after the celebrations. Your skin’s more prone to allergy if you have a clean face.
  • Girls, nail polish. Preach it because it’ll protect your finger and toe nails.
  • Guzzle down loads of liquid. Dehydration dries your skin and the colors can seep into your skin easily.
  • Stick to old clothes that you’re ready to part with. That way, you don’t have to worry about taking off the stains later.
  • The roads will be filled with celebrators. Keep your car windows closed and avoid mobs of people.
  • In case you’re the victim of an over-enthusiastic players, be blunt and tell them to back off.
  • Permanent dyes can be removed, but wait for it to dry and don’t use water. Use a cleansing milk or any other soap-free cleanser or you’ll be left with horribly dry skin.
  • Use cold water, since hot water can make the colors stick to your skin instead of removing them.
  • Slather on oil or moisturizer after cleaning up, you’re skin is thirsty for moisture.




Why have we been fighting for women’s right for over a 100 years with hardly a step forward? Why doesn’t the highly male dominated world broaden their minds and see that women are not inferior to them? Why are we still fighting for our rights despite being a “modern” society?

Questions, questions, questions.

The day a girl is born into an Indian household, she is basically born with cuffs on her hands. In our history textbooks, we learn of several dozen kings of the medieval ages. We also learn about the riches they bring into our country. Yet, for some reason, we don’t really talk about their wives. Even if we do, it’s in a romantic context where the kings have showered their queens with riches and monuments. Have we ever stopped to think that women are actually the reason most men are who they are?

Women are the birth-givers. They hold you in their womb for nine months and all they expect in return is some respect. Women were forced to live behind closed doors and watch their sons and husband earn a name for themselves. Books and history have shown us how women were being suppressed in terms of education and livelihood.

In a world that deemed a woman as nothing without his man, shining out and being recognized was just a dream. In witch hunts in Early Modern Europe goes on to show that men were, in reality, afraid of women. When women started using medicines and herbs to help cure people, men started seeing that women were becoming self-sufficient. They came to see that women have minds of their own that they can use for more than just cooking and taking care of their children. History doesn’t state any man being accused of witchcraft.

In pre-independent India, widows were pushed into their dead husband’s pyre. WHY? They don’t have a life without their male counterpart? After years of standing up for our fair share, we have rights to vote now.

All the old reasons that women have fought for have almost disappeared, but new ones have sprung up now. Most women in urban households have no reason to worry about not getting an education or a job, but in rural India and several other backward nations, they are still viewed as unpaid servants who stay at home and look after the household only.

Why do women pay dowry to men when men are the so-called “money earners” of a house? When they have a job and earn a living, why do they take money, jewels and other “gifts” from their wives’ family?

Urban women are constantly living in fear of getting sexually harassed. We’re humans too. Our bodies are our own. Why are we living in a world where men assume that they can gawk at us and strip us naked with their eyes?

Showing even a small percentage of skin makes us think thrice. Every week, a new article or story comes out about women being used and abused. Baring our bodies isn’t the reason is it? Women in burkhas are assaulted too. Age doesn’t seem to make any difference either. Months old babies and 80 year old grandmas are ruthlessly violated.

Tens of thousands of women are victimized in our country alone. Yet, not many open up about it. They’re scared of being shamed. This is such an obvious example of how screwed our society’s thinking is. Men force you, men rape you, men touch you and feel you up, men leer at you. But for some reason, YOU get humiliated and looked down upon at the end of the ordeal.

Why do men think that it is okay to step into any woman’s personal space without consent? What gave them the idea that we belong to them for their entertainment? Why are we considered as eye candies and objects?

Women today are doing beautiful and powerful things. Many are CEOs of companies, so many are strong sportspeople, they are pilots, fighters, boxers, singers, actresses, teachers, tourist guides, writers, bloggers and so much more. Women are making the world a better place, consciously and unconsciously.

It is time for a change. IWD shouldn’t be the only day to see to those changes. Use today as a day to reassess the importance of the women in your lives and give them the respect and reverence they deserve. #BeBoldForChange.

Give Humanity a Chance

7.4 billion people inhabit Planet Earth. Seven point four billion humans of different nations, faiths, colors, races, genders and sexuality live their happy lives on this vast blob in space. But are they actually happy?

Human Rights Day is celebrated on the 10th of December every year. The first time we posted about a social topic, the topic gained 7 total views. The day we posted Glamorous Without the Guilt we hit our most viewed. Our very first post was a massive hit with 225 views within a day.

Why are people overlooking the crucial matters in life? Urban Roses was primarily a lifestyle blog. Our aim was to present our individual ideas, thought and opinions to you. Everyone’s satisfied when we write about food or clothes. Yet, the one time we mentioned AIDS, a virus that’s killing humans painstakingly slowly, we didn’t get a single like.

Wake up people. Around the world, heart wrenching and hope shattering incidents are taking place. In Syria, more than 4.5 million inhabitants have deserted their homelands since 2011. The civil war has burdened the UN with the refugees. The terrorist attacks on Paris in 2015 is another example. With Trump instigating hate in Americans, the situation is not improving. The past few years have had us witness a series of agendas that only seem to get worse with time.


The sad truth is, while these front page headliners make us shiver, the lesser known crises are, in fact, the bigger disappointments. As an advancing world, we’re supposed to be accepting of the changing environment. Over the last decade, several minor groups have been given social exclusivity with human rights to make life easier for them.


Giving you an everyday example, my sister is mentally challenged. I have been to her school and over the years, I have seen children and adults with autism, mental retardation, hearing disabilities, visual disabilities and various other challenges. Books and movies and the news has taught me that us ‘regular’ and ‘healthy’ humans despise such people. Children born different are cast off onto the streets. Physically handicapped humans are no different. They are treated like outcasts, like they don’t deserve to belong here. What have they done to deserve such treatments?


The LGBT community was once hated to a homicidal state. They are harassed on a daily basis by the heterosexual mass. Why is this? I understand that it has been ingrained in us that men fall in love with women and women fall in love with men. A change in the order of things has created such a turmoil. The Orlando nightclub shooting opens our eyes to the hatred towards the queer community.


Back in the days, any dark-skinned person was considered a lesser being. Hitler’s homicide had the world face the worst mass killing in the history of wars. It was not a war against Jews, it was a war against humans. Even now, fair-skinned people are seen shunning darker skinned people purely on the basis of their color. Where’s the logic in this?

Murders, killings, suicides, homicides, call it what you want. Social stigma has pressurized the minority groups and the differently opinionated people into ending lives. Constantly, autistic children are being bullied in schools. The trauma can make them lose themselves. In offices and workplaces, dark-skinned people often take longer to get promotions or raises in salaries. Sometimes, they don’t even get hired. The signs may be subtle, but it’s still there.

Human Rights Day calls on everyone to stand up for the rights of humans. Not a section of humans, but humans as a whole. Stand up against terrorism. Build a wall and block the hate. Show humans the love they deserve, the love WE deserve. Take small steps to do it, no big chivalry needed.

WHRD.jpgWe’ve given the atrocities a chance to dominate us. Give humanity a chance now.

Tell us how you feel about human justice. Do you think a change is required?

World AIDS Awareness Day

It’s World Aids Awareness today. Wear your red ribbon and show your solidarity with the HIV AIDS victims.

What is HIV?

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus damages the immune system, interfering with the body’s ability to fight infections. This virus is what causes AIDS. While most of the readers might find this post boring and wouldn’t read it, I urge you all to scroll and get through the entire article. It is important that every human knows what to look out for.

AIDS has created a stigma where a person contracting AIDS is equal to an untouchable. Such ideas are purely the results of lack of knowledge. In India alone, one million people die of HIV, every, single, year. That’s right. In a year, you can blame a million deaths on HIV. In a single minute, five people in the world die from this accursed virus. 35 million people are infected worldwide and it is most dominant in Africa.

How do people contract HIV?

Get over the assumption that hugging, kissing, tears and sweat transmit the virus. This is the biggest falsehood that the society is buying as the truth. Tens of thousands face social stress and humiliation because the society is ignorant. The only way a person can catch the virus is through sexual transmission.

It is also important to know that a mother can pass HIV to her baby through pregnancy, labor and nursing.

What are the symptoms of HIV AIDS?

Fever, sore throat and fatigue can show up a few weeks after the virus sets in. Once AIDS kicks in, we see weight loss, night sweats, constant fatigue and recurring infections. Pain in the abdomen and while swallowing are signs too. Once the immune system gets violated, vomiting and nausea will be persistent.

Is there a cure?

Sadly, there’s no apparent cure for it. But, anti-retroviral regimens (ARVs) can slow down the progress of the virus immensely.

The sad truth is, 1 in 5 people infected aren’t even aware of said infection. Posts like these are put up precisely for this reason. Get diagnosed before it’s too late. Better yet, take precautions before you face the consequences.

Precautions & Measures:

  • Make sure that no needles are reused.
  • Wear gloves if in contact with blood.
  • Always cover any cuts with bandages to avoid transfer of blood.
  • Disinfect blood-stained surfaces.
  • Use protection at all times. It might not prevent HIV completely, but it’s safer.

A little bit of information can prevent a lifetime of misery and torment. Take time to thank your stars for your good health today and help spread awareness about AIDS so no one has to face unfair social injustice.

– Aditi J Rao
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