Hey readers! Sahana’s back with a new painting Interested buyers can contact her on any of her social media accounts. The price for this serene beauty is ₹2499.

Contact details:

Instagram: ihateyoubut_i_still

Snapchat: sahanamahesh

Facebook: Sahana Mahesh




Meet the Crew

Hey lovelies!!

As Rachel Zoe says, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Well, we’re budding bloggers and we’ll definitely have a lot to say, so watch out for our take on the latest trends to show you who WE are.

Heat up a cup of coffee and lay back and get to know us better 🙂

Neeti Saluja: 


With one foot already in the industry, she’s the most beautiful model our college has. An aspiring air hostess and a tremendous cook, this Punjabi kudi will steal your hearts with her ravishing looks.

Instagram: neeti_saluja

Prerana Sharma:


This sassy little chica will wow you with her power-house vocal cords. With a YouTube channel of her own, she’s just getting started.

YouTube: Prerana Sharma

Instagram: prerana1999

Twitter: prerana1999

Aditi Rao:


The voice behind all the posts, I’m a foodie of the first order! The kitchen is my playground. 

Instagram: the_virtuous_virgo

Twitter: @virgosventures

Sahana Mahesh:

This beauty with brains is my writing buddy. Her artworks are breathtaking and otherworldly and she’s the most no-nonsense person you’d ever meet.

Instagram: ihateyoubut_i_still

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