Everything You Need To Know This Holi

What’s the most obvious thing that comes to your mind when we say Holi? COLORS! Duh!

Well, it might be the festival of colors, but in the fun and frenzy of the color fights, we tend to oversee the minor detail of looking after ourselves. Follow our tips and you’ll do fine ^_^

  • If you’re prone to skin allergies, check with a dermatologist first.
  • Go for organic colors. They’re easy on your skin and you wont have an allergic reaction to them.
  • Grandma’s tips of oiling your hair and body is a foolproof, tried and tested method of ensuring that the colors wash away after the gala. If you don’t want anything that drastic, just applying a thick lotion and you’ll do well. Don’t forget the ears.
  • Lip balms on those pucker-uppers please.
  • Braid your hair or put it in a bun. You can also use a scarf or bandana.
  • TAKE OFF YOUR CONTACT LENSES! (This is coming from personal experience. Please.)
  • Stay away from all facials treatments until after the celebrations. Your skin’s more prone to allergy if you have a clean face.
  • Girls, nail polish. Preach it because it’ll protect your finger and toe nails.
  • Guzzle down loads of liquid. Dehydration dries your skin and the colors can seep into your skin easily.
  • Stick to old clothes that you’re ready to part with. That way, you don’t have to worry about taking off the stains later.
  • The roads will be filled with celebrators. Keep your car windows closed and avoid mobs of people.
  • In case you’re the victim of an over-enthusiastic players, be blunt and tell them to back off.
  • Permanent dyes can be removed, but wait for it to dry and don’t use water. Use a cleansing milk or any other soap-free cleanser or you’ll be left with horribly dry skin.
  • Use cold water, since hot water can make the colors stick to your skin instead of removing them.
  • Slather on oil or moisturizer after cleaning up, you’re skin is thirsty for moisture.