Lavender Shower Steamers

Winter’s all about huddling up in a blanket and sipping Hot Chocolate and drifting off to sleep after that. Need a little help falling asleep? Step into the shower and soak in some lavender laced steam.

Lavender has properties that can assist you to hit bed and helps detox too. It can treat restlessness and depression as well. The essential oil has soothing properties that can de-stress you and prep you for a good night’s rest.


Ideally, a soak in the bathtub with essential oils in it is my go to method to unwind. Unfortunately, this isn’t suitable everyday. For days where you dont have enough time on hand, use this DIY shower steamer and keep it some place where the water can touch it, but not where it can wash it away. As the baking soda melts, it’ll release the dreamy lavender smell into the air and release those tense muscles.



If you make these, show us your version @4urbanroses! We’d love to know what other shapes they look good in!

DIY Lavender Shower Steamers



  • 1 cup baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 15-20 drop lavender essential oil


  1. Mix everything in a bowl and smush into silicon molds. (I had heart shaped ones on hand so that is what I used. It made 5 hearts)
  2. Let it dry for 2 or more days and pop it out.
  3. To use it, keep one steamer just out of reach of the water while you’re in the shower. An ideal place would be some counter near the shower head where the water can hit it once in a while, but not all the time. If the water is in direct contact, it’ll wash it all down the drain.

What’s your favorite fragrance to fall asleep to? Do you like using essential oils?